Consign FAQs

You've got questions? We've got the answers. Find answers to all the questions you have about consigning your items with Around Again.
So you want to clear your closets of the clothes and related accessories you no longer wear, and you are wondering if you should hold a yard sale or take them to a consignment store, right? Isn't it time for your clothes to do some work for you? With just a little effort, you can make the most of selling your clothing by making an appointment and bringing the best of them to AROUND AGAIN CONSIGNMENTS. Our shoppers expect everything we offer to be in Ready-to-Wear, Nice-As-New condition.

This means that all items you bring to us MUST BE:
- Recently cleaned (and pressed, if applicable)
- Wrinkle-free
- Spot-free (including ring around the collar)
- Damage-Free (no holes, snags, runs, pilling, or excessive wear)
- Pet Hair-Free
- Odor-Free (especially odors from mothballs, mildew, pets, cooking aromas, and tobacco smoke)

ARound Again's shoppers look for the same seasonal items they'd find in any major clothing store. Our shoppers also want current styles, that is, items which were purchased new, NOT MORE THAN 2 YEARS AGO. The Items that we select are displayed for two full calendar months. Since we are TRUE consignment, you continue to own your items during their consign period, or until they sell. After any item sells, your share of that sale is available any time we are open for business. For more details about our process, read our FAQs. If your question isn't answered we'll be happy to provide more information when you visit us or call us to schedule your consignment appointment. If you've previously consigned elsewhere, we encourage you to read our FAQs, since every consignment store's policies are unique, and ARound Again's procedures will vary from the others you may have tried.
No. Around Again is a true consignment store. You retain ownership of your items during their consignment period. You'll find consigning is a mutually beneficial arrangement. 'Cash Outright' stores buy items for as little as they can, then sell them for as much as they can. Consigning will usually yield two or more times what you would receive than if we had simply purchased your items outright.
We don't ask you for a penny when you bring your first group of items. Our one time, $10, Account Setup Fee is deducted from your first sales proceeds. So if, for some reason, we don't sell any of your items, we haven't done our job and don't feel it's fair to take your money. As you continue to consign using your account, though, once that Account Setup Fee is deducted, it is not charged again.
Our staff sets the price, based in part on their knowledge of the local markets. Sometimes they will use the internet to help determine a current and fair price. At AROUND AGAIN, each item stands on its own merits. Characteristics such as brand, style, age, condition, color, demand, and past selling history are factored into each pricing decision - all can affect the price we will ask. Since each item is individually priced, until we see that item we have no way of knowing how much we could ask for it. Since one manufacturer can generate many different brand names for targeted markets, it isn't possible for our Receiving personnel to know EVERY label. Therefore, we encourage you to point out expensive items, and unique items not normally found in Triangle area stores.
No! We are sorry to say that AROUND AGAIN cannot accept yard sale leftovers since, typically, the best has already been purchased. If you are thinking of consigning AND having a yard sale, do so in that order. Consign first. Let AROUND AGAIN choose and sell your better items (netting you more money when the items sell) and THEN let the yard sale shoppers buy the remaining items for the lower amount they would normally offer anyway.
Yes - so that when you arrive, our Receiving Department will be ready to devote time just to you; you won't have to stand in a line waiting to be served. Our appointment calendar is normally booked one to six weeks in advance; sometimes more and sometimes less. Please note that as the year-end holidays approach, our appointment calendar (for consigning winter items) fills very fast. DON'T wait until the last minute to make an appointment. Always make your appointment first, and THEN prepare your items for consignment.
If this is your first time consigning to AROUND AGAIN, we ask that you bring at least 15 items, but not more than 25 items. Sets and suits are considered to be one item; accessories such as jewelry and purses count as items as well. Twenty-five is not an indication of how many items we may accept; it is the maximum number of your items that we can review in the half hour we've reserved just for you. We understand if you go over the limit by one or two, but if you have more than 25 items, we ask that you make a second appointment at a later date. Please, do not bring extra pieces to "replace" any that we may not accept. The extra time required to inspect them would cause your allocated time to overflow into the next consignor's appointment time, which would be unfair to that next consignor. Once you've established an account with us, subsequent appointments can be for as little as one item, or as many as 50 or so items. For each (subsequent) appointment you make, if you'll tell us how many items you will be bringing we'll be sure to reserve the correct amount of time so we can properly serve you.
Our consignment acceptance days are Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday by appointment. Our consignment appointment times are mornings from 11:00 AM thru 12:30, and afternoons from 2:30 PM thru 6:00 at half hour intervals. (i.e., 11:00, 11:30, 12:00, 12:30, 2:30, 3:00, etc.). Sorry to say, we are not able to accept consignments on Fridays or Saturdays since our Receiving Dept. is not staffed to review incoming items on those days.
Your appointment will take not more than half an hour for the 15 to 25 items you bring in. We'll inspect each item for style and condition. We'll quickly make our selections, returning those items that don't meet our shoppers' criteria. Items that are no longer in style, or that have spots, stains, odors, wear, damage, or wrinkles will be returned to you at the end of your appointment. Out of season items that are otherwise acceptable will also be returned to you with the hope that you'll choose to consign them to us for the appropriate season, when they'll earn the best money for you. We will also return the hangers from your accepted items, if you wish. Just a reminder: For your first appointment, bring us at least 15, but not more than 25 items.
Bring your consignment items in our front door to enter suite #102. There is no back entrance. While we check in your items you are free to browse around in our store. We will be happy to let you know once we're finished looking over your items.
1. Park in the parking lot, closest to suite #102.

2. If you are early, ask if you can bring your items in early.

3. At your appointment time, bring your items in. All clothing items will be hung on the bar behind the counter. Let us know which bagged items (like shoes, purses) are yours. If you want your hangers back, please let us know.

4. Sign in at the front desk. Please print your name and your account number. If this is your first time, just your name is needed. (The last column should be left blank)

5. Enjoy shopping for some great fashions as you wait for your items to be processed. If you have a longer appointment, and need to run an errand, please be back by the end of your appointment time.

6. If you are opening a new account today, you will need to read and fill out our Consignor Agreement. We will answer any questions you have. You will be given: a copy of your Agreement, our business card with your account number on the back, and a reminder slip of when to pick up any unsold items.

7. Take back any items we could not accept, and your hangers if you want them back. And you're done! The entire process, including sneaking in some retail therapy, is just under 30 minutes (per 25 items) on most days.
We accept seasonal clothing items on a schedule that allows us to display them in sync with the "big box" major-brand stores. This means that by mid-summer, summer items are already falling out of vogue in many shoppers' minds. The same is true for winter items brought to us in mid-winter, etc. The vast majority of those 'recently brought to us' seasonal items just wouldn't sell if they are brought to us too far into a season. To maximize our return to you, we must start accepting seasonal items on a schedule that gets them on display at or shortly after 'season changeover time;' the time when the big box stores are advertising the next season's items. (Their ads drive the mindset of the shopping public.)

Please NOTE that the following schedule can change as we continue to refine our seasonal periods. Check this page as you begin to select and prepare your items for your consignment appointment.
Also NOTE that certain items such as denim jeans are year-round. They don't have a preferred selling season, unless they are brushed denim (they have a velvety feel when you rub them).

Bring Spring Items such as short sleeve tops and dresses, lighter colors, rayon and unlined suits, unlined jackets and windbreakers, lighter materials, prom gowns, jeans, capris, and other transitional items.

Bring Summer Items such as sleeveless tops and dresses, crop tops & wrap skirts, new swimsuits and capris, straw hats and purses, shorts and short sets, sandals, Easter attire, and jeans.

Bring Fall Items such as longer sleeve tops and dresses, darker colors, cotton sweaters, Back-to-School attire, corduroy/suede/wool shorts, holiday gowns, and jeans.

Bring Winter Items such as heavy outerwear, thick sweaters, wool suits, velvets, suedes, corduroys, brushed denims, boots, suede & velvet shoes, homecoming, prom and holiday gowns, and jeans. The best time to bring heavy outerwear starts in September.
EVERYTHING must be name brand, current styles, in Nice-as-New™, ready-to-wear condition.
NOTE: Yard sale leftovers will not be accepted - see our "Yard Sales" FAQ .

We feature Nice-As-New, In-Style, In-Season, Clean, clothing and related accessories for the entire family, including: A full range of children's clothes for Newborn thru Teen boys and girls Women's casual, business, and evening wear in Petite, Juniors, Ladies, and Plus sizes Men's casual, business, tuxedos, ties, shoes, etc. In-Season outerwear such as coats, jackets, windbreakers, etc. Accessories such as shoes, purses, belts, scarves, hats, ties, etc. Sterling Silver, Gold and better costume jewelry
We base our criteria for what not to accept on more than 25 years of experience. According to what does and does not sell well, items we cannot accept include:

Items without the brand name label attached
Items with the brand name label cut or blacked out
Items from Wal-Mart, K-Mart or Target
Event-specific items - commemorative tees from events with dates (ex. marathons, tournaments)
Vintage items – we do not get enough requests to carry vintage clothing
Underwear, bras or adult swimsuits unless they are new and have store tags attached
Bridal gowns and bridal-related gowns and accessories

We have tried selling these items in the past and discovered we do not have a market for them.
We may choose to accept prom gowns at our discretion. Gowns that were purchased new less than 2 years ago sell best. All gowns must be clean and in excellent condition. We will be happy to review your gown before you spend your money having it cleaned. However, if the dry cleaners cannot get the gown clean, then we will not be able accept it.

Please NOTE: dirt left in your gown for any length of time can permanently stain the fabric. Sugar stains from spilled clear drinks such as champagne or 7-Up will appear over time if they are not removed immediately. If you know that a clear drink was spilled on your gown, point out its location to the dry cleaner so that it can be properly pre-spotted before cleaning. Often times, the spill will not leave a visible mark; the stain will appear later and then nothing can be done to remedy the problem.
We have previously tried in the past to sell pre-owned bridesmaids dresses, and they did not sell. Often they may be the wrong color, the wrong size, or not enough dresses for a bridal party to use. Because of this, we do not accept bridesmaids dresses or pre-dyed bridesmaids shoes.
We have tried in the past to sell pre-owned wedding gowns, and they did not sell well. Often a dress would be the wrong color, or the wrong size, and they cannot be ordered. Because of this, we do not accept wedding gowns.
Consignment is the act of giving items over to someone else’s care, while still retaining ownership of the items until they are sold. You continue to own your items that are on sale in a consignment store; they are not purchased outright. The store acts on your behalf to sell your items for you. If your items sell, then you are paid your percentage of the sale price. The store retains a percentage of the sale as payment for selling your items for you. If your items do not sell once the time period is up, you have the option to retrieve unsold items, or have them donated to the store’s designated charities. A donation receipt is for donated items is available for tax purposes.
"Nice-As-New™ refers to clothing and accessories that are in such good condition that they could easily be mistaken for brand new items. We check each item for style and condition. Our shoppers refuse to buy items that have spots, stains, odors, pet hair, wear, wrinkles or damage.

"Damage" is displayed in many forms:

For fabrics, it could be something such as a hole, pilling, a shiny fabric area when the rest of the garment fabric isn't shiny, snags, missing buttons, ring around the collar or cuff, etc.

For something like shoes it could be worn heels or soles, or a footprint embossed in the shoe's bottom liner.

For something like a belt it could be one hole that was excessively stressed due to repeated use.

The above are just some examples. If you are not sure whether an item would pass our shoppers' criteria, bring it with and let our Receiving Department personnel make the decision. Please remember that their decisions are based not on personal feelings but on what they know our shoppers are willing to buy. More than 25 years of experience in this business guide their decisions.
Our shoppers are looking for name brand, current styles of clothing and clothing-related accessories. They want items that were purchased new within the last 2 years. We tried to sell older and "classic" or "vintage" styles in the past. Since our shoppers refused to buy them, we've stopped accepting them.

If you have a classic style item that is in excellent condition, give us a call during our business hours. We may be able to suggest an alternate outlet or resource that would work for you.
All clothing items must be FRESHLY laundered or dry-cleaned, not more than one week before you bring them to us. (Or sooner if your household has a furry pet or a smoker.) Our shoppers want clean clothes that are wrinkle-free, spot-free, stain-free, wear-free, damage-free, and odor-free, especially odors from pets, mildew, moth balls, cooking aromas, or tobacco smoke. In other words, each item must be in Nice-As-New™, Ready-to-Wear condition. Your responsibility is to do the preparation; our responsibility is to do the selling, without revealing who the consignor (you) is.

NOTE: Dry cleaning is required only for items that have a label stating that laundering is not an advisable cleaning method. The label usually says "Dry Clean Only".

For accessories such as purses, belts and shoes, please make them look their best with a shine (shoes, belts and many purses) or a vacuuming (inside of purses or shoes) or an appropriate cleaning method for the item.
Only if the garment's care instructions require it. If you have garments that are labeled Dry Clean Only, we can review them before you spend your money. We'd hate to see you spend money cleaning items that we could not accept. However, if the drycleaner does not get the item clean, then we would not be able accept it.

Also, if your dry cleaning is still hanging in the plastic dry cleaner's bag, by all means, please bring your items in this way. In the spirit of recycling, we re-use all dry cleaner's bags in good condition for customer's purchases. Please don't tear your bags off - the environment, and ARound Again, will thank you!
YES! Put your clothes on hangers when you've prepared them, then bring them to us on hangers so all your preparatory work isn't spoiled. Hung items also help us serve you smoothly and quickly.

Small items like baby clothes may be neatly folded, then placed - and brought to us - in a cardboard box or a plastic bin. Shoes, purses and accessories may be brought to us in a shopping bag(s) or a cardboard box(es). Please label each box or bin with your name.

PLEASE don't stuff your clothes into plastic bags. They will arrive wrinkled, spoiling all your efforts. Preparation is key.



If you wish to reclaim your hangers, we'll be happy to replace yours with ours immediately. If you need some, AROUND AGAIN has a ready supply of full sized wire hangers. You may want to stop by to get some, prior to your appointment.
You can stop in any time during store hours to ask about funds in your account, and to collect those funds currently due you if you so desire. You can also call any time we are open for business to ask check your current balance. Our staff can easily pull up your account information and tell you the current balance in your account.

We would love to call every time an item sells, but given the number of items sold in any one day, plus having over 8,000 consignors, makes calling every consignor impossible. We would need dedicated staff just making those calls, which is very cost inefficient. Also, we don't know anyone who would appreciate being awakened from a deep sleep just to hear the words, "We sold one of your items today."
We display your Nice-As-New items in our store until they sell or for two full calendar months, whichever occurs first.
AROUND AGAIN's staff do their best to price items to sell quickly. Items are initially offered at full asking price. We may selectively reduce prices for a variety of reasons such as length of time on display, or overabundance of that TYPE of item (ex: too many sweaters or too many pants). Our price reduction schedule varies; it is not fixed. We do try to maintain full asking price for as long as possible.

AROUND AGAIN also has special sales throughout the year, such as holiday or clearance sales, and we offer coupons in our email newsletters.
You may collect any balance in your account any time we are open for business. We offer several payment choices:

Some consignors come in for their money when they are in our neighborhood.
Some consignors ask us to mail a monthly check.
Some consignors ask us to mail one check, at the end of a consignment period.
Some consignors leave their funds in their account and use it solely for purchases in our store.
Or you may choose any combination of the above.
At the end of its consignment period, you may retrieve any unsold item or you may choose to let us dispose of it. If you choose to retrieve unsold items, ask AROUND AGAIN for a reminder when you bring us your items.

When your consign period is over, you need only to call us to ask if there are any unsold items. If there are, let us know of your intentions to retrieve some or all of them, and when you can come to do so. Give us at least 2 days advance notice of your arrival so that we can prepare your items for you to pick up.
If you choose to not reclaim your unsold items, they are usually donated to one or more "Direct Use" charities. Examples of Direct Use charities we have used are:

First Baptist Church Raleigh
The Oxford Orphanage
The Masonic Home for Children
The Army Community Service's Airborne Attic at Fort Bragg, NC.

The benefactors of the two orphanages are children ranging in age from 6 months to adults in college. The ACS Airborne Attic offers a free service to support Soldiers ranked E-4 and below, and their immediate family members. Soldiers ranked E-5 and above are allowed to use the Airborne Attic on an emergency basis. Airborne Attic also gives soldiers furniture, household items and baby items free of charge, in a controlled distribution manner.

We can supply additional details and contact numbers on request.
Unfortunately, the recipient charities do not provide us with tax receipts for individual donors (you), but they are all deserving causes. Please note that ARound Again is not allowed to - and does not - take a tax write-off for those donations.