Drop & Donate

Drop & Donate

Drop & Donate Your Consignables

An easy way for you to sell your items is by using our Drop & Donate program. Once you have established an account with ARound Again, you are free to drop off your consignable items on any day, at any time, without an appointment. Your items will be marked with your account information, and inspected within the week. Items deemed sellable will be priced for sale, and those items will issues, age or low desirability will be automatically donated. A very easy way for you to clean out your closets and make money on fashions you no longer wear.  

It's as easy as 1 - 2 - 3

1. Group and label your items. Hang your clothes, bag your accessories.

2. Bring in anytime Monday - Friday. No appointment necessary.

3. Sit back and let us do the work for you. We sell the best, you pick up your profits.

That's it!


Any consignor that has already established an account may utilize our drop & donate program at any time. If you have not yet opened an account (with a signed agreement), you will need to make an appointment for your first visit. Why? So first-timers can see the type of merchandise we are looking for, gain an understanding of our procedures, know why some items are not accepted, and know what happens to their merchandise through the consignment period and after.

Once your account is established, drop & donate items can be brought in without an appointment. You may drop off your items without a phone call Monday thru Friday, during business hours. Saturdays we request you call in advance to make sure there will be a staff member in receiving to accept your merchandise.

Drop & Donate will work for you if:
You are looking to bring in items when it is most convenient for you.
You do not want back the items we are unable to sell for you.
You do not want your hangers back.

Drop & Donate will not work for you if:
You want back the items we are unable to sell for you.
You believe we will accept everything you drop off because they are all problem-free.
You want to know exactly what was accepted.
You want to work on items that need re-cleaning or have issues to be fixed (like missing buttons).

Be sure to let the staff know when you arrive that you are a drop & donate. Please be sure your items are grouped together on a rack, separated from other groups by the rack “donuts” (the sizing rings). You may also clip the first and last items together with a clothing pin.

Make sure your items are clearly marked with (1) your name and (2) your consignment number. If you have accessories in bags, be sure that EACH bag is tagged with your name & account number, preferably inside the bag. We do not want to mistake your items for someone else’s! If you did not mark them before arriving, please use the scrap paper & clothing pins we have available at the receiving front desk.

Do you want your hangers back? You can pick up giveaway hangers from us (prior to dropping off), exchange hangers once your arrive, or grab some of our giveaway stash to replace your hangers before you leave.

There is no minimum, but there is a maximum. You may bring in anywhere from 1 piece to a maximum of 50 items, preferably per week. Sets with the same brand name and same size are considered 1 piece. Accessories like jewelry, shoes, and purses count as items in your total count as well.

If you would like to know the final count of how many items were accepted and how many were donated, please indicate this request in writing on your identification tag for your group, and be sure to tell the associate helping you. We won’t be able to give you a list of each item, but we will gladly call and give you the final tally of accepted and donated items.

Yes, you can. This applies to the merchandise we accepted after inspection & was added to your account. (This does not apply to donated items that didn't make it to the sales floor.) Please be sure to get a pick-up slip with the dates for when your unsold items need to be picked up, and mark your calendar to remember that date. We’ve found that most drop & donates prefer simply to let their unsold items be donated to our charities.

Yes you can. For the items that were added to your account, we can print out a list for tax donation purposes of all your merchandise that was donated. We do NOT make lists of the items we did not accept after being inspected, as those items got immediately donated to our charities. A donation slip may be optained from ARound Again for the items that went straight to donation. We currently donate to the 1st Baptist Church in Raleigh.

It is best to bring in seasonal items that we are currently accepting. Due to lack of storage space, if out of season items are brought in, we may have to donate them.

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